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Tax & Accounting Services

In today’s world, individuals and small businesses need a high level of financial and accounting planning. Perhaps you are looking for new accounting services or would just like a second opinion on your current services.

By integrating strategic tax mitigation strategies with your financial planning, we are able to reduce your overall tax burden and improve the performance of your investment portfolios; better performance in your portfolio means you are going to have more money to fulfill your dreams. We offer services from general accounting, corporate and individual tax preparation, business valuations and set-up of accounting systems, through our wholly owned affiliate MTS Advisors APC.

We are committed to personalized, trustworthy and accurate service. We know you have busy schedules and will meet day or night at your location or ours. Feel free to contact us for a complimentary, one-hour free consultation

*MTS Advisors and MTS Planning are not affiliated with Centaurus Financial, Inc